ILUNION Hotels is a unique hotel chain, a different world. 

Not just because of our breakfast buffet, our pool or our room service - other hotels have all that.  No. What sets us apart from the rest is our team,  and their stories.

Many of our hotels are Special Employment Centres, which means that more than 70% of the employees there have some kind of disability. Each of them is characterised by hard work, personal growth and a great deal of generosity.

Because of this, every time you choose one of our ILUNION Hotels, you are not only choosing sustainability, respect for the environment and comfort; you are also supporting workplace integration in the only hotel chain in the world with universal accessibility certification.

None of their stories would be possible without our guests. And now we want to share them with you, the people who give us the chance to show day by day what we are capable of and to continue to build a more inclusive world. For everybody.


Meet the protagonists of our campaign