Ilunion Hotels presentación

We are the chain of hotels run by the corporate group ONCE and its Foundation, created in 1988. A company that was created with a clear social purpose.

Our 30 city and holiday hotels are spread out across Spain’s major cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Málaga, Huelva, Cádiz, Gerona, Menorca, Mérida and Badajoz.

When a company bases its business model on a firm commitment to do things differently, and to bring out the best in all people, be they employees, clients or suppliers, it is not only contributing to a positive social change, it is creating a better world, and inviting us to participate as well.

Here at ILUNION Hotels, true to our commitment to people and our work as a paragon of accessibility and integration of people with disabilities, we have become a ground-breaking company in the tourism industry not only because we create spaces for everyone, but because we are a highly successful example of workforce integration.

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Welcome to a hotel chain that makes tourism possible for everyone. Offering a unique product that makes it different from anything else on offer: an inclusive design that breaks down the physical barriers that so often make it impossible for people to use and enjoy facilities, while also challenging and overcoming mental barriers for equal treatment, normalising and integrating our employees from within and our guests from outside.


The average workforce in 2019 was 1.243 employees, of whom 40,36% were people with disabilities.

In 2019 the turnover exceeded 117 million euros.


    • Award 2012

      Excellence Award 2012

      Awarded for the chain's good practices in the areas of corporate social responsibility and environmental management. These awards were created in 2005 by Grupo Excelencias to showcase quality in the different areas of tourism.

    • Travelers' Choice Hotels Awards

      ILUNION Atrium was awarded in the Most Modern Hotels category at the tenth edition held by TripAdvisor.

    • OTAEX Awards

      Category 2 Building in Universal Accessibility for ILUNION Golf Badajoz.

    • Hotel CSR Award

      Awarded by the Spanish Association of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility measures implemented in all its hotels.

  • AWARDS 2013

    “Sus Ten” certificate for sustainability

    ILUNION Menorca receives the “Sus Ten” certificate in sustainability awarded by the Menorca Hotel Association (ASHOME) and the Balearic Islands University-Business Foundation (FUEIB) for its contribution to territorial sustainability by developing Tourism and Culture.

    • AWARDS 2014

      Recognised in 2014 for its work in tourism by the Menorca Island Council

      For the involvement of ILUNION Menorca in promoting tourism in Menorca.

    • Recognised in 2014 by the Government of the Balearic Islands

      For the Universal Accessibility Project implemented at ILUNION Menorca.

    • Hostelco Awards 2014

      For its management project focused on encouraging the integration of people with disabilities and the HR management at its centres.

    • Jury Grand Prize at the Premios a la Iniciativa Hotelera Awards

      Jury Grand Prize awarded to ILUNION Suites Madrid at the Premios a la Iniciativa Hotelera Awards.

    • AWARDS 2015

      WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

      Awarded in the People category aimed at recognising best practice in sustainable tourism within the industry globally.

    • Cegos Award

      In the “Selection and Integration” category for our good practices in Human Resources and our commitment to the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce.

    • AWARDS 2016

      Ethics Award from the World Tourism Organization

      For our work in accessible tourism and our commitment to breaking down social barriers.

    • Tourism Excellence Award
    • AWARDS 2017

      Best practices in CSR

      My Company is Healthy

    • Seres Award


    • Madrid Excelente Seal


    • FEBHI Award


    • Premios 2018

      World Travel Market Award


    • Integra BBVA Award
    • Premios 2019

      Best Hotel Award


    • Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Award


    • Comprendedor Awards


26 Hoteles, 6 Centros Especiales de Empleo.


Our Values

  • QUALITY AND CUSTOMER-FOCUSED Treating all people in a friendly and personalised manner.
  • WORKFORCE INTEGRATION Of members and others with different abilities.
  • INTEGRITY At all times, not forgetting to respect the environment.
  • BREAKING DOWN PHYSICAL AND COMMUNICATION BARRIERS Achieving a space and services that are accessible to all.
  • EXCELLENCE Thanks to the constant search for continuous improvement through innovation.