A Supportive World

Our hotel chain is a leader in workforce integration of people with disabilities.

This social leadership brings responsibility, not only to clients, but also to our employees, who are given training on accessibility and on the treatment and protocols to follow when attending people with disabilities.

We obtained the Bequal certificate in 2013, which recognises, verifies, and guarantees a company’s commitment and positive attitude to people with disabilities.


Global Compact / SDG

ILUNION Hotels has joined thirteen other Spanish companies in the tourism sector to work with the UNWTO and the Global Compact Network Spain on a project to promote initiatives within the tourism industry to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this link you will find the Code of Ethics for Tourism

As participants in this initiative, we have shared our experiences in the area of CSR in reference to the Sustainable Development Goals. The UNWTO and the Global Compact Network Spain have worked with us to coordinate our efforts.