31/01/2019 13:42

Our new institutional campaign was carried out by Manifiesto advertising agency and reinforces the social and inclusive message we seek to transmit.

Our hotel chain, which is a leader in accessibility and a social role model in the tourism industry, has launched a new institutional campaign developed by Manifiesto, reinforcing our social and inclusive message.

With the concept of “Everyone-Inclusive Hotels”, the aim of the campaign is to claim that the ILUNION hotel chain, under the ONCE Social Group, is a truly unique project, and one that bases its business model on the inclusion of people with disabilities and on the quest for a non-exclusionary world.

In 2018, we had an average staff of 1,062 workers, 439 of whom were people with disabilities, i.e., 41.3%. They are the stars of this campaign, where they open up about the challenges they have overcome and their most personal experiences. In the video, each of them shows how there is no such thing as limits or obstacles when an effort is made to integrate disability.

Ultimately, the campaign is a way of saying thank you to our end customers; by choosing to stay at ILUNION Hotels, they are the ones who are making possible the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce, and are endorsing the key message: “Everyone-Inclusive Hotels”.

26 hotels and one unique campaign

At ILUNION Hotels, the only 100% accessible chain, we have 26 hotels located across Spain. Our company manages ten of those hotels as special employment centres, as well as ILUNION Catering by Maher, our national catering company. Accordingly at least 70% of the ILUNION payroll has some kind of disability, making the group an example of labour inclusion in the tourist sector.

Developed by Manifiesto, the campaign aims to transmit the essential difference that makes ILUNION Hotels a unique and different world. Our hotel chain seeks to foster customer empathy with its employees, so that inclusion is seen as an added value to the brand.

This will be done through various communication supports used throughout the hotels: video and fixed images on screens (located at reception, common areas and channel zero on TVs in rooms), door hangers, coasters, table mats, notepads, magnetic key cards, welcome and corporate materials (notebooks, bags and folders). This will all accompany customers during their time at the hotel, giving them an insight into the stories behind the workers at ILUNION Hotels.

What’s more, in every room, customers will find a book that describes some of the thousand-plus stories about the chain's workers, highlighting and giving value to the effort of a work team made up of people with and without disabilities, who join forces each day and learn from each other.

Don’t miss the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRN6yzY_hzE