01/06/2021 10:57

At ILUNION we are constantly striving to raise awareness of best practices in caring for people with disabilities and how to improve environments to make them accessible, inclusive and welcoming. In this line, there are two initiatives we would like to share with you.

One the one hand, Beatriz Rubio, our Head of Accessibility, was featured in the ILUNION blog, where she talks about the reasons that led us to formulate the Basic Guide for the Care of Persons with Disabilities. “At ILUNION Hotels, we feel honoured to share all we know. It is in everyone’s benefit: employees and guests,” says Beatriz in her interview. Read it here.

On the other, Mar Almagro, Director of ILUNION Málaga, took part at a training session with students on the EDAE Hotel and Event Management Master’s Degree Course. Mar offered the students a magnificent session on inclusive tourism, after which they saw first-hand the efforts being made by our hotels to be more accessible. To wind up the session, they performed a practical activity, putting themselves in the situation of people with special needs, with blind dining, as well as visiting different areas of the hotel.
Thanks to Bea and Mar for spreading the word to the sector and to future professionals that tourism for all is possible.