12/11/2021 00:00

The fifth edition of Madrid Hotel Week is under way. This year’s motto is “Reencuentros” (“Meeting Again”) and it brings together more than 55 hotel establishments from the region to take part in some 80 activities, all organised by the Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM).

It is a time for meeting again, where customers can enjoy a full range of activities and member hotels offer great conditions in accommodation, cuisine, cocktails, art, sport and wellness, technology, family, history, music and theatre.

Our ILUNION Pío XII and ILUNION Suites Madrid took part at two of the sessions, offering a sensory experience: blind dining.

Standing in the shoes of people who overcome obstacles every day and raising awareness of the need to promote accessible tourism are the two goals that we wanted to share with our customers.

On entering the hotel, they are welcomed by our Manager and are blindfolded. From then on, they live a different experience, where they have to test all their senses. After a short tour of the hotel, they are accompanied to the dining room where they will enjoy a special “blind menu”, made up specially for the occasion. Without a doubt, the experience helps to understand how people with disabilities live their day-to-day lives.

Thanks to Juan Antonio García, Manager of ILUNION Pío XII, Ramón Armada, Manager of ILUNION Suites Madrid, and their Teams for helping to spread awareness of these initiatives and for striving to make tourism for all a possibility.