02/04/2020 14:38

As an organisation that has incorporated social commitment into its DNA, our great responsibility to society today is to become aware and contribute our little bit to creating a better world and a future for everyone. Our priority is and always will be people, which is why we are carrying out social initiatives to help the most vulnerable in this situation.

From our Hotel ILUNION Alcora we have donated 300 kg of food to Mater et Magistra, an entity that has been working with people with disabilities for several decades. Now more than ever they need our support and help, so we have donated more than 200 kg of fruits and vegetables, more than 40 boxes of cakes, biscuits and muffins, 10 boxes of milk, more than 20 jars of sauces, about 30 dozen eggs, yoghurt and pasta.

We very much hope that this situation will end as soon as possible, but in the meantime we must stand together and fight alongside each other towards the same goal.